Il Pianeta delle Idee

Un Mondo di Legno e Colori

Our company was born in Umbria in 1993.

We are immersed in the greenery of the Southern Umbrian Valley, between the splendid villages of Trevi and Montefalco.

We directly take care of the study, design and creation of all our products: Montessori-inspired games of all shapes, color and function.
We have a line of games from around the world and a line of games invented by us: I Carlosauri.

But we are not limited to the game: in our e-shop you can find items to furnish your children’s room and many other rooms in the house and office.

Our trademark are the cheerful colored animals: 35 amusing figures that make up an infinite variety of objects.

We work towards a circular economy in our company: all the raw materials we use are certified, we use natural paints that have water as a solvent, the renewable energy for the operation of the machines is produced by our photovoltaic solar system.

The founding partner is Stefano Santarelli and currently the company’s partners are Stefano and Americo Innocenzi.

Our laboratory is immersed
in the nature of the Umbrian valley,
between the Subasio and Brunette mountains,
on whose slopes it stands

one of the most beautiful villages in Italy.