All our products are entirely created in our Trevi laboratory with certified raw materials.


Each item in our catalog is conceived, designed and engineered in our headquarters. We use working techniques developed internally, combining tradition and artisan innovation.

In a world of toys dominated by serial production and importation, we prefer to check all our creations one by one with care and attention, passing them through our hands several times before being assembled to become unique pieces.


Respect for the environment is a value that guides all of our production:

Made in Italy also means respect for the environment that surrounds us and for our planet. Our company is immersed in the Umbrian nature and follows the zero emissions and circular economy program. We only use renewable energy sources and wood from certified crops.


We believe in our country and its artisans.

We love our creations and we are proud to be able to say that the articles on the Pianeta delle Idee are all 100% Conceived, Designed and Made in Italy.