The Safe Desk – Working in safety
is a protection device against bacteria and viruses.

It is designed for professional activities aimed at the public and for promiscuous work and social environments, where there is greater closeness and greater intensity of relationships between colleagues.

It is designed to give a concrete response to the current health emergency deriving from the Covid 19 virus, it is intended to be a tool to help ensure hygiene and safety distance.

It can be used by hotels, pharmacies, banks, shopping centers, public offices, corporate administrations, coworking, professional offices, corporate front offices, etc.

It is made up of a plexiglass panel and solid wood bases.

Each Safe Desk can be customized both on the plexiglass and on the base with your own logo, with a phrase or a drawing, black and white or four-color.

It takes up very little space, very easy to assemble and disassemble.

It is available in different sizes and measures to satisfy and guarantee any type of professional relationship, adopting the right precautions.


Do you want to personalize your SafeDesk?


Do you want to customize your Safe Desk?


    FAGGIO (Standard)