Questa offerta è pensata per tutti gli ambienti di lavoro e didattica all’interno degli edifici scolastici.
Tutti i prodotti della linea Safe sono personalizzabili con il logo dell’istituto scolastico e con un messaggio.
Tutte le superfici sono sanificabili con i più comuni prodotti detergenti.

  • The screens of the Safe line facilitate working conditions and simplify communication:

built in wood and plexiglass they allow you to work away from droplets and aerosols and can be easily integrated with the furnishings of the teachers’ rooms, the principal’s offices, and all the workstations of school operators.

They come in 3 different sizes: 80×62.5h cm, 98×62.5h cm, 60×80 cm and are modular.


  • The Safety Towers are sterilization aids which help to keep the building in optimal hygienic conditions. They can be placed at the entrance to classrooms and offices.

They are equipped on the upper level with a shelf to house the hand sanitizing gel, while the lower shelves can house glove or shoe dispensers and a basket to collect waste in a safe and aseptic manner.

They come in 2 sizes: large for the older ones and small for the little ones (nursery schools, nursery schools and the first years of primary school)

  • The Safe Locker is a cabinet to contain the personal belongings of pupils and teachers.
    It allows you to keep coats and briefcases and to reduce the risk of contact between them. It also has the function of maintaining a tidier environment both in the classroom and in the corridors. Each locker can be personalized with the student’s name or photo.
    Available in small and large version.
  • The Safe Table is a small dividing panel useful for separating the same worktop. It is used to increase interpersonal distance while maintaining a proximity that allows teaching to be carried out.
  • The Safe Floor is a screen that helps distance two people during a standing conversation.
    Like all the other products in the Safe line, it can be customized and equipped with wheels to make it easier to transport. Adjustable to 4 different heights, it is ideal for carrying out questions in the classroom in a safe manner.
  • The Safe Message is useful for circulars and internal communications. It allows you to receive the message without passing the sheet from hand to hand.
  • The Table and Stools of the Planet of Ideas are designed to furnish kindergartens and educational activities in primary schools. They can be easily disassembled and transported and are treated to be sanitized with the most common detergents.

POS FESR 2014-2020 – FAIR

POS FESR Umbria 2014-2020 – Az 3.3.1 – Public Notice for internalisation project 2019/2020.
CUP G65F19000680006


from Saturday 30 to Sunday 8 December 2019
Fieramilano Rho-Pero


from Friday 24 to Monday 27 January 2020
Fieramilano Rho-Pero


from Wednesday 29 January to Sunday 2 February 2020
Nuremberg (Germany)


The products of the Safe line enjoy the

(Legislative Decree 19 May 2020 n°34 / Art 125 )

Additional 6% TAX CREDIT

(Law 160/2019 art. 1 paragraph 185 and subsequent)

The references you will find on the invoice will allow you to enjoy tax relief on the purchase of products from the Safe line in compliance with current regulations.< /strong>

Furthermore, according to government guidelines regarding the reopening of businesses to the public,

“The workstation dedicated to the cash desk can be equipped with physical barriers (e.g. screens);
alternatively, the staff must wear a mask.”

Therefore, in activities such as bars, restaurants, administrative offices, beauty centres, hairdressers, accommodation facilities, retail trade, public offices, swimming pools, gyms, museums, archives, libraries, and much more, the protective devices of the Safe line allow the operator not to wear a mask during the exercise of his activity.


DECREE-LAW 19 May 2020, n. 34
Source: Official Gazette

D.L. no. 34/2020 – Article 125
Source: Official Gazette

Relaunch Decree: measures for workers and families
Source: Ministry of Labor and Social Policies

The Safe Desk – Working in safety
is a protection device against bacteria and viruses.

It is designed for professional activities aimed at the public and for promiscuous work and social environments, where there is greater closeness and greater intensity of relationships between colleagues.

It is designed to give a concrete response to the current health emergency deriving from the Covid 19 virus, it is intended to be a tool to help ensure hygiene and safety distance.

It can be used by hotels, pharmacies, banks, shopping centers, public offices, corporate administrations, coworking, professional offices, corporate front offices, etc.

It is made up of a plexiglass panel and solid wood bases.

Each Safe Desk can be customized both on the plexiglass and on the base with your own logo, with a phrase or a drawing, black and white or four-color.

It takes up very little space, very easy to assemble and disassemble.

It is available in different sizes and measures to satisfy and guarantee any type of professional relationship, adopting the right precautions.


Do you want to personalize your SafeDesk?


Do you want to customize your Safe Desk?


    FAGGIO (Standard)




    Stimulated by the current emergency, we have reflected at length on what role our company could play in this situation of great concern and surprising sense of helplessness.
    We asked ourselves how we could test our design skills and the use of our technologies, usually used in the games, home and school furnishing accessories sector and the promotion of the territory, in such an unpredictable period both in terms of scope and duration of events.

    We have listened carefully to the advice of the experts, we have implemented all the safety procedures, we have discussed our interpersonal relationships a lot and our relationships with the outside world, the future of our country and the whole world.

    We asked ourselves about the opportunity for each of us to strengthen social commitment and the need for the company to protect workers, both from a health and an economic point of view.

    We are convinced that true prevention is achieved with knowledge, correct information, constant training and above all, good behaviour.
    We thought of all the workers who are forced to meet people every day.

    We took care to protect their health and make their workplace welcoming, functional and safe.
    Safe Desk, Safe Wall and the other protective tools to meet us in safety are born with this spirit and with these hopes .

    This new line of products is constantly growing and constantly developing.
    We hope we have managed to reassure customers and protect workers.

    Ci auguriamo di tornare presto ad inseguire i nostri sogni.

    Stefano Santarelli

    POS-FESR 2014-2020

    Il Pianeta delle Idee Srl  has received a contribution from the funds “Public notice voucher for consultancy services – 2018. New tools to promote the internationalization paths of Umbrian SMEs as part of the action 3.3.1 of the POR-FESR 2014-2020” in order to obtain product certifications for foreign markets