Stimulated by the current emergency, we have reflected at length on what role our company could play in this situation of great concern and surprising sense of helplessness.
We asked ourselves how we could test our design skills and the use of our technologies, usually used in the games, home and school furnishing accessories sector and the promotion of the territory, in such an unpredictable period both in terms of scope and duration of events.

We have listened carefully to the advice of the experts, we have implemented all the safety procedures, we have discussed our interpersonal relationships a lot and our relationships with the outside world, the future of our country and the whole world.

We asked ourselves about the opportunity for each of us to strengthen social commitment and the need for the company to protect workers, both from a health and an economic point of view.

We are convinced that true prevention is achieved with knowledge, correct information, constant training and above all, good behaviour.
We thought of all the workers who are forced to meet people every day.

We took care to protect their health and make their workplace welcoming, functional and safe.
Safe Desk, Safe Wall and the other protective tools to meet us in safety are born with this spirit and with these hopes .

This new line of products is constantly growing and constantly developing.
We hope we have managed to reassure customers and protect workers.

Ci auguriamo di tornare presto ad inseguire i nostri sogni.

Stefano Santarelli